Thursday, July 28, 2011

2nd Attempt at Blogging.

Since I've realized that it has been over a year since I last posted I'm sure my family and friends have long since given up on me restarting this.

I pinkie swear to try and post at least once a month. That's all I can promise.
Having kids takes a lot and I'm starting to find bits and pieces of time for myself. That's sure nice. Any who that's all for today.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day.....

We have all seen the saying anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad. Like the women in my life I grew up with great men around men. My grandfathers, my uncles, and most of all my dad. It's no secret when my mom was pregnant that my dad wanted a boy. He was happy with Karen and joked when people asked who she looked like that "she looks like her mom from the waist down." When I came it was deja vu. He came around quickly and was a great dad to both of his girls. He raised us to be independent and do things for ourselves. Things other dads don't or didn't teach their girls. How to change oil, change a tire, drive a standard automobile,mow the grass. I hope I can pass along those lessons to my girls. Although the men around here do those kinda things for you to show they care, but I bet the girls could tag along and learn a few things.

Some things I remember about my childhood with my dad.....

- thunderstorms scared the crud out of me when I was little and I would go run and get dad, mom worked late, he would come sit on the edge of my bed and with the softest, warmest smoothest finger would gently trace the outline of my face and over my nose and around my eyes and mouth. Right out I would go and he would quietly leave. Some nights this happened more than once. I still remember that feeling.

- we were in Indian princesses, a program through the YMCA I think, for dads and their daughters, we did craft activities and went camping. I remember we made totem poles. Dad was big bear, I was lady bug and Karen was Iris or something. (We lived on Iris Ln. Karen's not real creative with the name game.) I remember getting feathers for our headbands and going to a big event at Kirkwood park.

- I remember camping and going to Meramac caverns, Johnson shut-ins with the family and playing in the water. I know mom, it was you that did all the hard work, cooking and cleaning so we could play. (That's a touchy subject)

- I remember bike rides and lots of falls. Dad would pick you up and send you back on your way.

- I remember my dad's face and the "Oh Shit" when I fell off my bike and demolished my face and teeth. He drove to the hospital and tried so hard to be there for me with mom at my side, he stood in the doorway and was there for support. ( Dad doesn't do blood. Like not at all. Mom finally told him it was OK to go sit down.)

- I remember working on the Miss Fix It badge for girls scouts and learning how to change a tire and check the oil. All things most of my friends don't know how to do. Shocking. (P.s. I did the tire so well that the mechanic broke 3 tire irons and asked my dad who changed it. He smiled and said "my 13 year old daughter")

Now current memories...
- He was in on my pregnancy secret from mom and kept it for months so we could surprise her at Christmas.

- He was here for the birth of both my daughters.

- He writes a letter after each visit for the first year about the changes he sees in them.

Basically, I have a dad who is always there, always has been and always will be. I married a man who is a great dad. The selling points for my dad on my Jim were he grew up in the carnival business ( dad loves circus), he was a democrat ( important on both sides) and he can juggle. The last one sealed the deal, well after he met him of course.

So dad, Happy Fathers Day. I love you and thank you for all the memories.

My Jim, Happy Fathers Day, I love you and look forward to all the memories you make with the kids.

Big Jim, Happy Fathers Day, Thank you for all that you do for us. We really couldn't do it without you.

To all the men who are Dad's and not just fathers, Happy Fathers Day.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Last week I took the kids to Florida by myself. That's right 4 kids; 1,3,10,and 12(with hormone problems) to Florida for a "relaxing" 7 day vacation. How cool of a step mom/ mom am I? I think a better question is will I ever do it again? NO! I give much credit to parents who do this on their own all the time and have more than two kids. That way you have a hand for each when they need it. I have a friend with one child who says anyone with more than one is crazy. Now I can understand her thinking but I love the kids all of them. Doesn't mean I don't want to knock their heads together sometimes but the threat of losing the xbox or a timeout for the younger one seems to do the trick. I realized on vacation that I love my husband more than I thought and need him in my life. (here it is honey, bookmark this page I'm gonna say it) He does a lot more with the kids then I give him credit for. It was obvious in Florida that I was out numbered and needed him. Fake it, till you make it. I didn't let them see me sweat.

OK back to vacation, So Thursday the 3rd of June I pack everyone into the suburban to have Grandpa take us to the airport. Sophie is getting so funny. Grandpa needed a potty break while we were loading up so as we sit waiting for grandpa to come back Sophie realizes I'm in the passenger seat and the boys are back with her and Sadie and no one is driving. She says " There's no somebodies driving this" We all agree and get a good chuckle out of her observation. So off to the airport we go. Get there, check in, weigh the suitcases and cleared the 50 lb limit. Wheeew! Eat some breakfast and board our plane. The boys were huge helps on the plane working together, yes it can happen, and stepping up to help with the girls. Everyone flew well including Sadie and both girls slept on the flight. When we land Grandma is waiting just outside security, as close as she can get to meeting us and is ready with hugs. In Orlando airport you have to take a shuttle from the terminal to the plane. Sophie thought this was great fun. On the way home we took the wrong one first so she got a bonus tram ride, but that's another story.

That day was spent swimming and discussing our plans for the rest of the week. Animal Kingdom, beach, Magic Kingdom, shopping, and swimming were all part of the plan.

The first day we went to animal kingdom and saw Boppa working took in some sights and hung out with dad when he got off work. All kids enjoyed it. It was hot and the little big boys were melting down. Didn't want to ride roller coasters, didn't want to do anything but sit, so we did, waited for the Nemo show and went and sat in the A.C. The girls finally saw the whole show, Soph has always fallen asleep half way through and never seen the whole thing. Sadie was amazed and kept holding the guy sitting next to me hand. He didn't seem to mind and actually offered it once. She gladly grasped on and was fascinated with the musical. I LOVE watching the world through my children's eyes. Everything is so new and exciting. There are no strangers yet. Just people who need to be reached out to and have their hand held. Sweet sweet. After that we were on our way home for the day.

We had a mellow next day as the weekend isn't good for crowds at Disney or the beach. Sunday was shopping at Downtown Disney. Boys had a good time looking at stuff to buy. Austin found some Price of Persia Lego's and Trey found a new hat he wanted. As long as they are happy .

Monday was the beach day, up early and ready to go. It was a two hour drive to Sarasota to Siesta Beach. White smooth cool sand, beautiful clear water and not packed. Boys body surfed for awhile and girls played on the shore. Sadie who wasn't a fan of the water finally came around after Grandma sat with her in the sand right where the waves ended and about every third wave was big enough to splash the inch or so water. Sophie who has no fear, proven several times this vacation, wanted to get in the waves with mom but not get her face wet,quite the challenge. We played for a bit then back to the shore. Austin and I stayed out the farthest and body surfed. It was a great day. I got a little too much sun and was still paying for that when we went home 5 days later. Oops! Boys were glad we went and mom and dad and I made a pack to go back with Aunt Sis when we go back in the fall. ( hopefully the oil will avoid that beach) It is just a beautiful natural place, with lifeguards.

The next two days were spent at Disney parks and a good time was had by all. The boys enjoyed the variety of foods there and the girls were entranced by the nightly parade at Magic Kingdom. It was late and they were tired. Sadie was on her final meltdown until it started and once the first float, Tinkerbell of course, came by she was up and ready to go. We stayed for fireworks but in hindsight should have left after the parade. Everybody was done disneying for the day and the meltdown started.
Thursday we went shopping for the boys to have gifts to take back to moms house and the boys enjoyed all the funny disney shirts. Jeff got a Im grumpy don't make it worse shirt. Hope he can see the humor in that adn Kayci got one that says It''s all about me.
Friday we were up early early to make our flight home. The girls slwpt the whole way which was nice and the boys only needed to have the phone taken from them once then promised to share nicely and had no other problems which was nice.
It was a great trip I hope the boys enjoyed it. I won't do it again without Jim. The boys are getting hormonal adn I get tired of being the one getting on them. I know the girls are too young to really enjoy it but there will be other trips since school isn't a factor.

You dose of cuteness : comes from Sadie who finally gave the sand and water a chance.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great time on memorial day weekend. We went down to Rockaway on Saturday afternoon and saw our new window,Thank You Grandpa, so we can have a bigger air conditioner. It gives a lot more light and cools off the cabin quickly.

We spent the night there and Sadie did great walking all around. Karen and the boys childproofed the deck at Weezer's cabin so our lil walkers would stay on the deck and not 15 feet below.

We had a great dinner and came back the next day to get lots accomplished around here. Big Jim got a new toy. A chainsaw on a pole good grief that can get you into some trouble. After some heated words on the roof we have nicely trimmed trees and lil Jim enjoyed hacking on the Magnolia tree in the front yard. Many trips to the yard waste site in our future I predict.

I started to say we as if i had something to do with it, Jim got the pool cleaned out and we,I did have a part of that, filled it up so summer has officially started at the Lee compound. If you like swimming in ice cubes you are welcome to come and swim.

Sophie can touch bottom so that is a relief. Only problem now is she wants to swim constantly and it is freezing.

I have a lot to do around here as we leave for Florida in just two days. I think I will make sure I'm up on all medications taken for anxiety before heading that way with 4 kids. Oh jeez what have I done. Lol, It will be great I'm sure.

Thanks to all those involved in a great weekend.

Your new dose of cute comes from Sadie who didn't like the pool, too cold, but like sporting her swimwear.

Friday, May 21, 2010


OK OK I know it's been awhile since I've been on here. Sophie has gone a week without diapers and Sadie is cutting 6 teeth. Trey and Austin are almost out of school. I am getting ready to go to Florida with all the kids. Sophie has started to cling onto Trey at night and has fallen asleep in Trey's bed, then I move her to her bed. Back-breaking, but awful sweet. Sadie is doing well on the whole milk. I swear she has gained 5 lbs since I quit nursing her. She is still trying to muster up the courage to walk on her own. I still think she could but she doesn't and that's who matters. She did figure out how to think outside the box. She still prefers it inside that box. Aunt Sis babysat the other night and had cousin Mattie down to play. Aunt Sis is a brave woman but it appears a good time was had by all in this picture she took. Thank goodness for crayons and old pizza boxes. We have "fun night" tonight at Austins school. I told Jim that I would take the boys as I did last year and he thought the girls would enjoy it also. ( wink wink) So now we are having family fun night because my momma didn't raise no dummy and my daddy didn't raise no fool and I am NOT taking four kids to "fun night" by myself. So I'm sure all involved will have fun. I'll post on it later. Here's you piece of cute for the weekend

Monday, May 10, 2010


Sometimes you just have to stop and realize that everyday, whether you like it or not, your babies are growing up. Over the weekend the baby robins we had been watching flew the nest. I saw only one in the nest Saturday and thought one had jumped out and was the victim of a cat. That afternoon I saw the other had done the same. I later saw one of them high up in the bush next to the one with the nest so they are out flying around the skies of Springfield now. It was cool to watch them grow up.

It got me thinking about my girls. Sophie is trying, slowly, to potty in the big potty. She knows she is "too big to potty in her unnies" as she told me this morning, but obviously not too big to forget to go on the potty every time. We'll get there. Sadie has gone to walking with only holding one finger and will even when in the right mood let her sister have that supporting role. I know it's just a blink of an eye before they too fly the nest. What will I do then? Eeeek. Next thought.

I had a wonderful mothers day thanks to my hubby. He made me breakfast, let me go shopping without children ( Ahhhh!) made me dinner and took care of the girls all day. Plus I got a super cool steam mop I wanted. I know, Whoo hooo, cleaning supplies. I asked for it and like practical things, so way to go honey. I had a fabulous day.

The evening before mothers day Aunt sis and I went to the Mother Daughter banquet at church. We had a nice time and a good meal.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have been lucky in life. The women I was surrounded by growing up were wonderful. My mom, friends mom's who took us in like their own, grandparents, neighbors,etc. I am lucky and feel blessed by they love and support of all these women. I still feel it.

I am still lucky. I have a mom I can turn to anytime I have a question or concern and she will give me a straight answer. I have a sister who is there for me all the time. She makes me a better mom and for that I love her more. I have a mother in law who loves me and is always there to help too. I have neighbors who care and treat my kids like there own. I just don't know how I got so lucky.

So to all those who have children or like Aunt Sis take care of your nieces and nephews to make the mom's better parents...

Happy Mothers Day